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Panerai Ferrari Replica

Other companies produce novelties, but they are not always new. Panerai Ferrari Replica is one of a small group of companies that has consistently produced novelties more in line with curios. A series of retro-futuristic horological machines have appeared to have walked down a gangway connected to Jules Verne’s brain.

The Panerai Ferrari Replica latest, cheekily titled 'Bulldog,' is Panerai Ferrari Replica’s proposition that a man's relationship with his watch parallels his relationship with his best friend - his dog. As the watch has been with us on all of our adventures and exploits, our faithful dog has also provided comfort,Panerai Ferrari Replica joy and support in both good and bad times. In keeping with Panerai Ferrari Replica’s love of the strange and wonderful, this watch, the HM No.10 Bulldog, is shaped in a way that will worm its own way into your heart.

The wrong way around, HM No.10 looks like a flying vehicle, with a smooth nose and a gorgeous bubble canopy above the dial. It's reminiscent of the curvaceous speedsters from the 1960s. The right way around, a delightful puppy emerges. Twin crowns ('11 to wind' and '1 to set') and articulated straps mimic the stance and posture of a Bulldog, resting its hind legs. Hemisphere dials serve as the eyes while the large balance wheel, which oscillates above, we assume, is the halo. Below the midcase, a pair of jaws(!) are visible. The vertical power reserve indicator is a gaping mouth that opens at full power and slowly closes as the power decreases. These elements (dials, balances, power reserves, etc.) are the genetic code of the company. Panerai Ferrari Replica's earlier watches have featured these elements. The vertical power reserve indicator first appeared in the LM No.1 and similar dome displays were used in HM3 Frog. The HM No.10 is a new, playful and refreshing HM. Panerai Ferrari Replica did not just create an engine based on machine principles when it designed its own movement.rolex replica watches It created sculptures at the intersection of engineering and art.

A'machine,' indeed. It was inspired by an earlier time where the word itself had a magical aura.

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Automatic wind in-house movement, 2.5Hz; 45-hour power reserve

Case Study

Water resistant up to 50m at 5 atm with sapphire crystals.


Calfskin with buckle