Election Archive of elections in North Macedonia, from 1990 to date

The Election Archive of elections in North Macedonia, from 1990 to date, is a project by the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” – Skopje and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Office in the Republic of North Macedonia, which seeks to collect and publicly present all available documents for the electoral processes in the country, from the first multi-party parliamentary elections until today.

The need for an Election Archive stems from the lack of official state archive of all documents and data on election cycles since the independence of the country. This represents a deficiency that we, as civil society organizations, aim to overcome and thereby contribute to the creation of publicly available data on the Macedonian national history.

The Election Archive covers all elections from 1990 with the available documents grouped into 7 sections:

  1. Documents on election announcements
  2. Voters’ lists
  3. Candidates’ lists
  4. Election results
  5. Election reports
  6. Monitoring reports by international and national organizations
  7. Electoral legislation

The Election Archive contains all documents that are publicly accessible, on the web pages of the State Election Commission, the Parliament and non-governmental organizations; as well as all documents that we received through contacts with national organizations and submission of requests for free access to public information. However, some documents are not yet publicly available and will be additionally included in the Election Archive. Also, a number of official data on elections are not incorporated within the official documents, but exist on the web insecurely and as incomplete files. If the websites on which they are posted, for some reason cease to exist, it is unknown which institution will be held responsible and where this data can be requested.

With this Election Archive we want to enable all interested researchers, journalists, students and citizens to have a unified direct source of information about the elections in the Republic of North Macedonia. Also, we hope to encourage public institutions to document and archive all official data, so that the Macedonian history can be authentically and officially marked.

If you have access to an official document on any of the election cycles since 1990, and it is not included in the archive, we would appreciate if you share it with us on the following e-mail: contact@izbornaarhiva.mk .


Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” –Skopje (IDSCS)

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Office in the Republic of North Macedonia

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